African Youth Excellence (AYE) is a research and youth advocacy organization headquartered in the United States. AYE is committed to encouraging, developing and honing the skills of ‘Pursuers’; namely young talented youth of African descent in the diaspora (including Afro-Caribbean’s, and African-Americans).  At AYE we believe in the unique potential of African youth in the African diaspora, and thus, seek to enhance this potential by celebrating their individual and collective achievements.

AYE ‘Pursuers’ are selected from the finest colleges and universities, hold leading positions across corporate and non-corporate America; and all share a common ground as trailblazers in their various endeavors.

We empower ‘Pursuers’ by providing them access to essential educational and career enhancement tools. Moreover, through our network of ‘Pursuers’; we provide a unique collaborative forum for the sharing and dissemination of ideas. This is primarily achieved through close partnerships and strategic alliances with colleges, universities, organizations and corporations that share a common vision for promoting and celebrating excellence among African youth in the diaspora.  

To achieve these goals, AYE has identified four key pillars on which to base its activities. These include:


The mission of AYE is to nurture the development of African youth in the diaspora between the ages of 18 and 35; and to mobilize, educate, empower, and celebrate their continued success.


To become the premier research and youth advocacy organization for the recognition and celebration of excellence among African youth in the -diaspora.


The objectives of AYE are:

  1. Nurture the development and achievements of African youth by celebrating their diversity in education, business, and other professional interests and pursuits;
  2. Mobilize communities to promote African unity among all representatives of the African diaspora in order to reverse brain drain in Africa;
  3. Educate African youth in the United States by developing their academic and professional competencies, advocating for excellence in all their diverse pursuits, and educating them to the consequences of brain drain and to the urgency of reversing brain drain in Africa;
  4. Empower young Africans in the diaspora to pursue educational and employment opportunities that nurture them toward long-lasting and successful career trajectories.
  5. Recognize and celebrate young Africans who overcome significant obstacles and setbacks in pursuit of personal, academic, or professional excellence.

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