AGE: 21
HOMETOWN: Kindia, Guinea
EDUCATION: Law and Philosophy
WORK: Founder of Children Education Alliance, Inc. (CEA)

Born in Kindia, Guinea, Oumou Cherif is a young social entrepreneur who uses education as a platform to uplift underserved African children.

Oumou moved to the United States in 2003, at the age of eleven in pursuit of a quality education and a better life. Throughout her stay in the United States, Oumou has dedicated her life to activism.

In 2005, she joined Student Immigrant Movement, an immigrant youth-led organization that strives to improve communities through relational building and leadership development. Also, Oumou has worked with community-based organizations to advocate for education, social and economic challenges. Some of her involvement and voluntary work has been with the Brazilian Immigrant Center, Progressive Organization for the Women of Africa and Miss Guinea USA.

However, her commitment is centered on providing quality education for African children. Oumou believes that it is through education that we can prepare our next generation. Therefore, she plants seeds for a possibility of growth tomorrow.

In January 2012, Oumou created Children Education Alliance, Inc (CEA), a 501c3 non- profit organization that assists underprivileged African children in pursuit of quality education by providing notebooks and pencils in primary school.

Since the creation of CEA, the organization, has impacted nearly 3000 lives. In recognition of the organization’s efforts, Oumou received a community service award from African Youth Excellence Inc., and is now a proud fellow for the organization.

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