Suspend your reality for a moment and picture that your hopes, dreams, and aspirations were plucked from your brain; melted down, and molded into the shape of a cup. Yes, a cup. Now imagine that every morning as the sun rises, life comes to either pour or spill blessings into your cup. Now imagine if in accordance with your personal investment of time and effort; your opportunities, hopes, and dreams, will either pour into (the blessings in life) or spill out of (your negative consequences) your cup. Whether it be financial security, a death in the family, career opportunities, your health, or major life changes; your cup is consistently being filled or emptied throughout your life.

The actions that you commit in life can drastically affect whether or not your cup overflows with blessings or negative consequences. Whatever you invest your time and mind into is what your cup will be filled with. So the quality and quantity of your investment, will determine your quality and quantity of life.For some, this quality and quantity of investment may be the difference between life and death.

You see, we all have dreams and wishes for ourselves that over time begin to diminish. We have a family, we settle down, we have bills to pay and those rock star fantasies we once had as young adults seem impractical and/or impossible. I firmly believe human beings have the ability and capacity to innovate and create the solutions that can solve their most pressing issues. As a creative individual, I know the effort and investment of time it takes to not only create your craft, but to also market and sell it. Due to the lack of collective investment in the cultural, intellectual, and the dearth of opportunities available for one to hone theirinnovative skills, we are slowly losing our opportunity to unleash the full potential of what I call the ‘global dreamer’. A global dreamer is an individual who frames their life goals and potentials with the intention of positively changing their or global environment; an individual who thinks globally rather than locally.

Our fears of inadequacy, however, and concern for the future has worn down much of the faith we once had in the ideals of self determination. What we can control is how much emphasis we place on the quality and quantity of our investment in our dreams.

The world is seemingly moving quicker than it ever has. The internet has leveraged technology and its benefits for the average entrepreneur. What distinguishes us is our ability to investment adequate time and effort in pursuit of our goals. With the contributions that modern technology has made to both telecommunications and networking, we must re-brand the way we think about dream chasing. We can no longer afford to herd ourselves into career paths that do not factor in the preference and natural intuitions of the individual. We must focus on the development of skills that will greatly impact the achievement of one’s dreams and aspirations; while offering the greatest benefit to the common good of the global community. We must fill our cups with enough positives that it dilutes the negatives, because regardless of what we fill our cups with; we will always and inevitably be forced to drink from it.

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